Have A Claim

Getting into a car accident or being transported to the emergency room for a medical issue are traumatic incidents that can truly be life-changing. The process of getting your life back on track can oftentimes be both painful and hectic. Add to that a lawsuit and quality of life issues, and you are likely at your breaking point. For most people, suffering through the claims experience only makes things worse. But, not at John Galt Independent Insurance Agents.


For over 50 years, the John Galt Insurance Agency has provided exemplary customer service in the state of Florida. We guarantee a personalized experience when you work with one of our skilled insurance specialists…and that includes those unpleasant moments when you need to make a claim. Our staff will be by your side through the entire process as you make your claim. We are your advocate and our goal is to protect you.


What do I do if I’m in an accident?

Knowing what to do when you are burdened with an auto accident can help you avoid some of the hassles involved with the claims process. In the event of an accident, immediately call your John Galt Insurance Agency after the authorities have been notified, so our claims specialists can walk you through the next steps and inform you of what needs to be sent to us to get your claim started.


We handle every claim with care and accuracy, providing you with the exemplary customer service John Galt Insurance Agencyis known and respected for. If you have questions or want to or learn more about the claims process, we invite you to call us at 954-824-1990 or email us at nicolef@john-galt.com anytime.